How to Create the Perfect Father’s Day Date Night With Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

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If you read my blog you’re probably thinking “That gal is a hoot! I bet she is so much fun to live with!” and if you think that, friends, I’d say you have excellent taste, but you would be wrong. I’m a bit of a pill to deal with day-in-and-day-out; however, I’m married to a real gem that tolerates all my “quirks”.  When it’s movie night around here, I usually take charge of the remote and force him to tolerate the newest romantic comedy. When takeout is on the menu for dinner, he never complains when I pick because I’m not a fan of his favorites. While my kids have been constructing their Father’s Day crafts for their dear ol’ dad, I’ve got something better planned and I’m going to share with you the perfect way to plan a Father’s Day date night with a little help from Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

#JackRyanBlueRay #collectivebiasIt seems like our busy lives have made it impossible to sneak in a date night, so a lot of our date nights happen at home. I get some quality time with that adorable boy I married so long ago and we don’t have to have to pay for a babysitter. But this time, I want to make it all about my guy for Father’s Day because he’s pretty awesome, always take out the trash, and doesn’t mind that I never reciprocate backrubs (see, I told you I’m a pill)

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So my husband is a HUGE fan of Lebanese food, but I’m not. His mom slaves away in the kitchen to make the family recipes he loves, and I’ve assured her this can be her special treat for him (because I don’t want to make it). But, for this Father’s Day date night, I’m grabbing Lebanese take out, and I’ve got all of his favorites.

#jackryanbluray #collectivebiasAnd now it’s time for the movie! Before I picked up movie snacks at Walmart, I grabbed  their exclusive Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit combo pack. Because my husband loves Jack Ryan movies, now he gets to enjoy the latest installment of the film plus The Italian Job and $15 off sports tickets through Ticketmaster all of $12.98!  One low price and I get to watch Chris Pine as Jack Ryan–yes…just yes.

#jackryanbluray #collectivebias

You have to hurry to Walmart to get this combo pack and the $15 from Ticketmaster because this offer is only good from 6/10-6/14.

I know my husband is going to be thrilled with the homemade crafts the kids will present him on Father’s Day, but I’m pretty sure he loved our date night too. After all, the big guy totally deserves a special day, he makes awesome forts, he’s a rock star dad, and he makes my life a whole lot easier.

 #jackryanbluray #collectivebias


  1. I think my husband would like those movies, but he’s probably already seen them. I think mine would prefer a night out instead ;)

  2. Sounds like a date night right up our alley. Especially since we have no child care. LOL

  3. I do think you are right on track to making your hubby a happy man.

  4. Not really mu hubbies type of movies but i would enjoy them :-).But i could swap the movies and use the rest tips and it would be a perfect night.

  5. Ohhh this sounds like so much fun! Thanks so much for sharing that movie, I hadn’t heard of it!

  6. Sounds like our dates at home. My hubby would love this!

  7. What a Great Fathers Day for your Hubs. We will be getting ready to head to Atlantic City so there will be no Date Night this time. I love your ideas though.

  8. I think you lined up a pretty dreamy evening for a guy. Great job with that!

  9. And he wears yellow pants to coordinate family photos. Best. Husband. Ever. :)

    P.S. I read the “awesome forts” as “awesome farts.” Happy Father’s Day? ;)

  10. I really want to see the Jack Ryan film. Great family photo. I have to give your Hubs a virtual high five for donning yellow pants for the family photo!

  11. Beautiful family pic! This sounds like a wonderful date night for Dad! Thanks for the ideas, might do this for my hubby!

  12. lisa jones says:

    Sounds Like A Great Double Pack Movie Nights Are Great Aren’t They!!

  13. I don’t think we have seen these movies but the husband would probably really like them. We may hit up the drive in this weekend if anything good is on. As a family of course because hey it’s father’s day. :)

  14. sounds like you have a nice evening planed for Father’s Day! I haven’t heard of this movie.

  15. I haven’t seen either of these. They would be fun for BOTH of us to watch.

  16. Buffalo Chicken Finger, Pizza & these Movies… my husband would be in heaven.

  17. Sounds like you’ve got great plans! :) I have no idea what we’ll do – probably stream a movie. Maybe this one. :)

  18. Sounds like a wonderful date night idea to me.

  19. This sounds like a perfect Father’s Day night! We’ll probably do something similar.

  20. Sounds like a relaxing way to spend the evening with the father of your children :)

  21. That Mediterranean shrimp looks AMAZING! We just watched this movie together the other night!

  22. Getting the kids to bed early was so nice when they are little, early now is my bed time:( Now we have to leave the house or do our best
    to stay up late.

  23. Getting the kids to bed early is vital! I’m not sure if my husband has seen these movies. They look totally up his alley, though!

  24. Sounds like a great date night! My husband would love some old Elvis movies, a pizza and QUIET time!

  25. Men are seriously low-maintenance when it compares to what we moms want for Mother’s Day. My husband wants a new pair of tennis shoes and a chance to play golf sometime in the next two months. If I did anything extra, he would be thrilled!

  26. My husband would definitely love both of those movies! That is a fun date night idea!

  27. I love this, totally need to plan a father’s day date for my husband!

  28. This sounds like a fantastic Father’s Day date night! I’m sure my hubby would appreciate something like this!

  29. Putting the kids to be early and take out from my guy’s favorite spot with a favorite film would definitely make for a great date night!

  30. I have just recently started looking into at home date nights. I am not sure how I didn’t find these before!!! I have been married 10 yrs. I mean we sometimes had a movie night but that was about it.

  31. Oh your hubby is in for a treat this Father’s Day! I’m sure he’s going to be excited to snuggle up with you and see the Jack Ryan movies. Btw, love the family photo!

  32. Awesome family photo! Way to take one for the team and get him food that he likes and you don’t.

  33. Maria Oller says:

    Great Job my hubby is dying to watch Jack Ryan the shadow recruit so we might get cozy and make some popcorn for Father’s Day

  34. See you know whats up food and action movies! Men are easy to please! lol

  35. Oh yeah, that sounds like the perfect date night to me! I think my hubby would agree!

  36. My hubby definitely loves this style of movie. He watches them nearly every night ;)

  37. Last night I seen that the movie was on DVD – I told my hubby what a great movie night movie for us. I seen the previews..looks like a good movie. You are planning a great night for your hubby.

  38. NIce mediterranean picks. I would eat all of that! My husband would most likely choose a binge watch of Game of Thrones or Sherlock/

  39. we’re gettingback into The Wire. They are now available on Prime so we’ll start binge watching those as our date nights

  40. This is our kind of date night too! I love the takeout too, and movie plan!

  41. My hubby would totally love your list!

  42. What a beautiful family you have! I love the Mediterranean eats you shared. It seems like you created the perfect evening for your hubby!

  43. Homemade crafts are always THE best present, and those years when the kiddos want to make them are precious. The deal at Walmart is a good one. Thanks for sharing it.

  44. The Mediterranean shrimp seems so tasty. What great ideas to make the day special.

  45. You are making me hungry! That food looks delish. This movie is definitely something my hubby would like.

  46. Love this! What great ideas! We do this often at home for our date nights so we may just do this again for Fathers Day!

  47. My husband would love these movies. We are spending more and more time at home lately, so I need to pick up a copy of each for our weekend entertainment.

  48. My husband loves these kinds of movies, and this sort of date night is right up his alley! Me, I’d rather watch a chick flick – but he’s all about those action movies. Mark Wahlberg though…yeah, I could watch a movie starring him. LOL!

  49. Beautiful family, and awesome date night ideas. I love the Italian Job, and so does my husband. We’ll have to get Jack Ryan!

  50. I know that my husband has read the books, so I bet he would like the movies. That seems like a nice night in!

  51. Love your logo. It’s one of my favorites I’ve ever seen.

    I like your husband’s choice in food. That would be out choice too, but the restaurant is 70 miles away – not great for a takeout option. The movie night idea is perfect it’s rare that we get to watch big people movies since the kids are always around. Now for ideas on how to exhaust the girls???

  52. I love the idea of ordering in and watching a movie! My hubby is not big on going out to eat after a long week at work!

  53. I’ve never watched a Jack Ryan movie but I love anything with action and so does the hubby! Sometimes date nights in are the best especially for tired dads :)

  54. It’s funny you should mention this because my dad JUST rented this movie today from Redbox and came in not 5 minutes ago stating, “Oh man Kayla, this movie is GOOD!” LOL Love this idea for Father’s Day :)

  55. First of the snacks are my hubby’s favorites too, he loves the hummus at Trader Joes. We both love action flicks so this would be a win, win for me!

  56. I think I already have the title of best wife ever, but I suppose this wouldn’t hurt my rep ;)

  57. Sounds like the perfect date night! Maybe chinese for us! Great family photo there – so cute in your greens!

  58. Such a great idea, I’m getting the 2-pack for my hubs as well. I’ve never tried hummus before, is it good?

  59. What a fun date night. Sounds like Daddy is going to have a great time and you too. I’ll have to check that DVD out with my hubs.

  60. if you were closer I would tell you that my daughter is a great babysitter. Perfect for date night

  61. That looks like a really fun date night. I especially love your food choices!

  62. That does sound like a wonderful father’s day. My hubby just rented that tonight.

  63. No, I really would think you’re awesome because you made me laugh with the first sentence! Laughter does a lot for me! I might have to do the same for Father’s Day!

  64. Yum!!! Looks like you did a great job, especially with the food. Kudos to you. :)

  65. I like this idea. I think the hubs would appreciate it too. Perfect date night!

  66. My Hubs may enjoy this and yes, the food options you picked would be a great pairing. ;) As long as he has good food, a good move and can put his feet up, he’s happy!

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