A Parking Spot Only A Parent Could Love

Because kids tend to eat food and inevitably that food will run out, you’re gonna need to go back to the grocery store at some point. Sigh, here we go again.

Even though you swore you would NEVER be the mother that feeds her kids while shopping, by the time the cashier is asking you “paper or plastic,” 40% of your food has already been nibbled or sampled by the tiny humans in your cart. Just surviving the grocery store with kids in tow is hard enough, and if you’ve successfully navigated the Big Bad Grocery Store, the parking lot should be a piece of cake. But we know that’s not the case. So let me make your trip to grab some grub a little easier with…

Parking spot

The parking spot deemed for “new and expectant moms” seems like a gem in the jungle known as the grocery store parking lot, but that light dims out for most of us pretty quickly when we are no longer expectant or new at this gig. Oh yes, there are moms that push the limits and lay claim to this spot even when they no longer look like they should be in the delivery room or are carting the infant carrier that weights 10 times the infant inside. I’m looking at you lady with the teenagers!

While I cannot even begin to imagine the trials and tribulations you are going through with your hormonal, eye rolling, One Direction lovin’ babe on the brink of puberty, unless you are going to strap that tween into an Ergo and wear her through the store, get out of that spot.

But for those of us whose time has passed in the coveted spot near the door but still have to deal with the wide load, double car cart, come on over to my side and let me show you my “sweet spot.”

Fav spot

Sometimes I can hear my Dad barking at me “Don’t park next to the cart corral because some idiot is going to hit you.” Well, Dad, I’m sure those cart wielding idiots will do a lot less damage to my car than my children do weekly to my sanity while grocery shopping.

Dings and dents are aplenty on my sweet ride but it’s no skin off my back because I was able to easily load up the kids and rush to the deli section where free samples of cheese and ham will keep the kids entertained just long enough for me to sprint through the bread and milk aisle.

Grocery shopping is hard enough with kids, your parking spot shouldn’t be. So enjoy my sweet spot. Unless I’m at the store. In that case…beat it!


  1. Jessica @EatSleepBe says

    That spot definitely has the added bonus of being next to a handicapped spot too for extra room!

  2. says

    The store we always go to always have the mother and baby and handicap spots right at the front and near the cart bit but also there is other cart places around the car park which you can park next to.I do not like parking near them as people hit our car before and it annoys me that they can not be more careful plus where ever you are parked the cart bit is only a few spaces away.

  3. Ruby Ragar says

    I can’t imagine having to deal with all of the issues that you mention but I do know the trials of finding just the right parking space. It’s so hard to find even with us non parents. I have never thought about parking next to the cart corral!

  4. says

    I love it when that cart is right there waiting for us! I don’t use them anymore, but in the past, oh boy! I used them a lot and it made life a lot easier if they were in the corral already!

  5. says

    Now that my kids are older, I actually avoid this spot, just for moms like you! We should design a Sweet Spot sign for moms and start posting them across the country! lol

  6. says

    Only one problem babe! People don’t care about hitting your car anymore. They throw their carts into the bin with no care. I remember our car being scratched from parking next to the shopping cart bin. We park almost near the back now…where there is no car on either side. I am sick of the lack of respect when people open their cars. WHAM! right into our door. Shucks! And usually it is the kids who don’t know what paying for a car means.

  7. says

    I’ve been in that parking area! I recognize it as the generic parking area near every supermarket I have ever been to. I love a close spot but I will not wait all morning like some do to get one!

  8. Carly says

    Ha, now that our little one is here…..I totally get the importance of a good parking spot! It makes errands a million times easier!

  9. says

    I like parking there too. It’s just so convenient and there’s no hunting for the cart corral. In the winter when there’s snow and ice on the ground, it’s even better to park next to it!

  10. Dina says

    Ah yes too true. It’s never a good idea to park by the carts. That worries me and I have an older car.

  11. says

    When it comes to parking a lot of people try to get as close as possible to the store, I don’t care where I park as long as I get into the store and grab what I need I’m happy.

  12. says

    I never take all three boys grocery shopping with me. The store is always packed and I am lucky if I am able to get a spot somewhere other than at than the furthest away from the door possible.

  13. Elisebet F says

    Oh, I got a good chuckle reading this! I’ve definitely learned tips and tricks to grocery shop with my son. We’re a Navy family, and my husband’s been gone most of the last 3 years (including the last 7 months), so shopping without my toddler isn’t an option. I park by the carts, and I usually let my son snack on something before I pay for it. I always said I’d never do that too! And then I had a kid…

  14. says

    This cracked me up because my brother-in-law recently told me he never parks anywhere near the cart corral because he didn’t want his nice truck to get bumped. For me, this is the prime spot!

  15. Maria Oller says

    Great spot not only for moms with kids but for prego moms I really hate to drop the groceries then drop the car then come back all the way to the car =(

  16. says

    I always take the first spot I see. It always amazes me how long someone will wait for the perfect spot. By the time they get it I am already in the store and halfway done with my shopping lol.

  17. says

    This surely is a nice spot for mother with kids! I know it’s not always, but there are just times when kids are really becoming unruly and unmanageable and that’s the time when you really appreciate parking lots like this. :)

  18. says

    Yep finding the right parking spot…is a great start to a shopping trip. I toto like to park by the cart corral – so much easier than walking the parking lot with the cart

  19. says

    Even when I was preggers, or had the infant seat, I never got to park in that special spot. It was either full or the store I was at had not yet deemed it necessary to have such a spot set aside for Moms. I did try to park either as close to the front door of the store or the cart corral. I still do – even if the cart corral is 12 million miles from the front door, which I still cannot understand. Who is in charge of where, strategically, to place cart corrals when designing the parking lots of stores? I want to speak to that person.

  20. says

    This just made me realize I will have so much more to think about when I have kids! Right now I just park anywhere and don’t think twice.

  21. says

    I loved the expectant mommy parking in the final couple of months with my last little on. :) I have seen single grown men parking in those spots at the mall. They have no clue the damage they’re inflicting to the expecting mom who really needs that spot. 😉

  22. Lisa says

    parking spot score! We don’t have spots like that around here but I totally need to start a petition to get some! 😀

  23. says

    I get really paranoid with dings. My husband would not be happy, that’s for sure. But I actually don’t mind parking far away because it’s just forcing me to get a little more exercise in.

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