Simple Swaps with Silk to Get All the Benefits of Almond Milk

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Friends, can we get real for a minute here? This was a long, long, loooooong winter, but warmer weather has finally prevailed and the sunshine on my face has reminded me why summer is my favorite season. However, my waistline is still reminding me of the extra baggage from winter. Since summer means I spend the majority of my days at the pool or beach playing life guard and sand castle engineer with my kids, some small changes needed to happen in my diet immediately. So I’ve dusted off the running shoes and started thinking about small choices in what I eat and drink. Recently, I’ve been reading a lot about the benefits of almond milk, and since I’m the one making all of the meals and snacks in the house, I thought a few simple swaps with Silk Almond Milk Blends would help not only me but my whole family. The trick is, would they notice the difference?

#SilkAlmondBlends #CollectiveBiasA few years ago I started the search for dairy free alternatives because I was nursing my son and he was lactose intolerant. Since he couldn’t have dairy, neither could I. After a  number of trials, I found that Silk Almond Milk had flavors that were really yummy and worked for me. Recently Silk has added a number of flavors and varieties that I knew would make my simple swaps really easy. So when at my local Safeway, I grabbed Silk Almond Coconut Blend and Silk Almondmilk Protein + Fiber to start my new mission.

#SilkAlmondBlends #CollectiveBias

First I started the swaps with my beloved coffee. Now, I take coffee very seriously. In the morning, the inner dialogue in my head is “I could stay in bed and sleep a little more OR I could get up and get coffee.” Guess what, coffee always wins.

#SilkAlmondBlends #CollectiveBias

The verdict: delicious! Mamma gets her coffee plus an extra boost of protein and fiber to help me feel fuller longer and more calcium to keep these bones strong. I like it!

I was easily converted, but would my kids who, dare I say, need their chocolate milk in the morning more than I need coffee. So this morning I swapped out their regular milk with the Silk Almondmilk with Protein+ Fiber, added a touch of chocolate, and sat back to watch

“We ‘ve secretly replaced her normal chocolate milk with Silk Almond Milk and a splash of chocolate. Let’s see if she can tell the difference.”

#SilkAlmondBlends #CollectiveBias

And her reaction: “I like it, Mommy!”

Folks, this is BIG in this house, HUGE. Right now I’m giving myself a high-five for this success! If your kids are like mine, they like what they like and anything else is suspect. So if I can add some extra fiber, protein, and calcium into their diet without them missing their favorites, I’m going to do it!  How about Silk Almondmilk Protein + Fiber and cereal?  Look at this, happy cereal eaters!

#SilkAlmondBlends #CollectiveBias

Because I’ve been cooking with coconut oil lately and love the sweet taste, I knew that the Silk Almond Coconut Blend would be really yummy in waffles (and it was!). Now, I’m thinking of all of our favorite recipes that I can easily make the swap and make a difference in our diet. We are headed to the beach today but I’ve packed smoothies that I made with Silk Almond Coconut Blend as a special treat. So it’s sun, sand, and Silk for us today!

Seriously, does it get any better than summer?


  1. says

    That’s pretty impressive that they couldn’t tell the difference. I never would have thought that. I’ve tried Silk a few times and liked it!

  2. says

    I should test my kids. My oldest is lactose intolerant and it would be good to try with her. Thank you for sharing. I also LOVE the waffle maker. Too cute!

  3. says

    I’m only slightly surprised the kids didn’t object to Silk. And I say slightly because my son notices EVERYTHING, but also because I also had to swap out milk for Silk while nursing and I honestly didn’t notice a huge difference. :)

  4. says

    I actually really like almond milk, even though I’m not a fan of regular milk at all. I’ve been trying to shed some pounds for summer.

  5. says

    I have NEVER had Almond Milk before, ever. I have no idea why but everyone else around me drinks it and I am starting to feel left out here! I think I am going to have to try this next time I go to the store because I have heard it’s delicious and much healthier.

  6. Carly says

    I love almond milk! Our daughter was lactose intolerant for the first few months… I used almond milk daily!

  7. says

    You have no idea how much this post helped me. I am seriously thinking of switching over to silk Almond milk…I have been toying with the idea for months but I read upon the benefits and this blog is giving me a sign from the universe that I need to switch. I think this will happen soon thanks!

  8. says

    Boy would my kiddos just love those cute little waffles!! We often enjoy almond milk and silk is a really great brand. Your kids are sure little cuties!!

  9. Elizabeth @ Food Ramblings says

    I’m in love with your waffle iron! I bet your kids love breakfast even more when they are in the shapes of sea creatures!

  10. teresa mccluskey says

    My granny drinks this milk and she loves it, she has certain things she bakes with it also and they turn out the best!!

  11. says

    That’s SO awesome that your kids didn’t notice the switch-eroo! I love the new Silk varieties, and now I definitely need to try them in waffles. Great post! #client

  12. Angela S says

    I buy Silk regularly but haven’t tried the + Protein and Fiber one yet. I’ll have to grab this one the next time I shop. I could definitely use the additional protein and fiber in my diet.

  13. Pam says

    I use almond milk and I love it. I actually buy the Silk brand because I think it is the best. It does really add flavor to my oatmeal in the morning.

  14. says

    I have to admit when I first heard of Silk, I was completely turned off but after trying it, I have been hooked every since. I will have to try it mixed in with my pancakes.

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