It all comes back to 90210–Meeting Tori Spelling & Jennie Garth for a Mystery Girls Viewing

Everyone has a talent and mine, friends, is drinking wine. Just kidding (no not really). My talent is Beverly Hills 90210 trivia. Go ahead, hit me with your best questions. I’m sure you can’t stump me! Since I spent so many years in front of the TV watching the Beverly Hills gang grow, make horrible decisions (fashion and in life), and find themselves in unrealistic situations, it’s no wonder that so many times in my own life  it all keeps coming back to 90210.

It all started when I wrote this little gem about life lessons from 90210. It was featured on Scary Mommy when I was just a little baby blogger and the adorable Jason Priestley retweeted it on Twitter and called it


It could have been because I wrote this:



And really, have truer words ever been spoken?

Even when the show went off the air and the reruns were harder and harder to find,  my love for 90210 never went away. The same was true for the actors on the show.  I’ve followed their careers as they’ve played out on television shows, reality shows, their own books, and the tabloids.

Years later I still really love Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth, and when I got an invite from the fabulous women behind The MOMS to head up to New York to catch a viewing of Tori and Jennie’s new show Mystery Girls, I about DIED! Then I panicked because I needed something to wear!

mystery girls

A few days later, I was in NYC with my favorite traveling partner, my mom, and ready to meet the gals behind my favorite show

Mom and me

While waiting in the small theater with about 30 other women, I was ridiculously excited. Sort of like Brenda Walsh before Spring Fling.


We watched two episodes of Mystery Girls and, let me tell you, I’m hooked!  The jokes were smart,  the ladies looked beautiful, and watching Tori and Jennie perform physical comedy was such a change from their 90210 days and super entertaining. After the giggles died down and the viewing was over, it was time for a Q &A with Tori and Jennie.

Tori and Jennie

Here was my chance! While there were a lot of the warm up and general questions, I totally took over the Q&A (I’m ridiculously pushy). So here is me talking to Tori. (Eekk!)

 After the viewing and my line of questioning, surely Tori and Jennie wanted to be my new BFF–probably not but a gal can dream.

The event was a blast, Tori and Jennie were smart,funny, and ridiculously beautiful in person, and  NYC remains one of my favorite cities in the world. I’m so thrilled The MOMS asked me to attend this event and I wanted to hum the Beverly Hills 90210 theme song all week. You’re humming it now, aren’t you?

You can catch Mystery Girls on ABC Family on Wednesdays at 8:30!




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    Dang. I’m always combining Brady and Ella’s birthdays. Ooops? And I’m sorry Tori, but it’s also about the CAKE. Obviously.

    Love your dress, your hair looked great, and what a fantastic experience!!!!

  2. says

    Um, yes! That is ridiculously cool that you were retweeted by Jason Priestly. I would have been super excited too. I just saw an ad for this new show and thought I might check it out. Small world! Also- I love the original 90210.

  3. says

    What an amazing experience. I LOOOOOOVED that show. And Melrose came on right after it. I even got sucked in to the new 90210 before it went off the air. I have followed everyone’s careers. I often feel bad for Tori and Jenni with their crazy marriage stuff, but they are strong women and I love that about them!

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    I used to watch 90210 reruns on SOAPnet (when we had cable.) I know that they cut back on the 90210 episodes, but those were great for weekend watching! I LOVED that show. And how exciting to be able to see Tori and Jennie in real life! (I think you could totally be BFFs with both of them.)

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    Tori Spelling is still so beautiful! I swear she doesn’t age. I remember watching 90210 growing up and was completely obsessed with it. I wish those great shows were still around. I can’t stand watching TV these days.

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    How freaking exciting! I would of loved to attend this event this looks amazing! I bet this was a magical dream come true for you…I know the feeling when you have followed a show for a long time and you actually get to be in the presence of the celebs! I am so interested in the show now yay!

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    What an amazing experience!!! totally jealous.

    I totally related to you when Jason tweeted you, in a brief moment you are no longer an adult or mom… transform back into your teenage self reliving Hollywood crush moments. I had a similar situation…. Clive Standen “Rollo” from (History channel) The Vikings was doing an question and answer session via tweeter, I jumped all over that and fired off several questions….waiting patiently…..and then he answered and I squealed like a teenage girl!! haha if you want, I’ve attached the post here

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

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    How did I not know about this show?! I’m a huge 90210 fan (own the seasons on DVD…not that I watch them religiously or anything), and this just makes my heart happy. I can’t wait to tune in!!

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    You are so adorable! I love that you got to meet them and take over the questions (how do they look so damn young anyway???). I loved that show and remember when it ran back-to-back with Melrose Place. I think I held my breath for the entire 2 hours they played.

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    This is too, too cool that you got to do this! Yay to loving on the stars of our teen years! But truth told–you have it on them, lady–YOU LOOK GORGEOUS in these pics! xo

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    Ok before anything I have to say your Mom is so pretty! Love that you two are besties :) And can you believe I was invited but declined the same event?! Work obligations but would have loved to have gone. I grew up watching 90210 so this interested me.

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    I just got chills! I’m super excited about this. I still watch reruns of 90210 all the time. And yes, you always marry the Brandon, but you have to date the Dylan.

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