How to Turn A Scary Storm Into a Camping Adventure with Duracell

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I love everything about my neighborhood: my house, the street I live on, the neighborhood pool, the dozens of playgrounds, walking trails, and lakes that fill the spaces between houses, and the downtown with coffee shops, restaurants, and a movie theater all in walking distance. Yes, I love my neighborhood. But the one thing I don’t love about my neighborhood is that when a summer storm comes sweeping through, our neighborhood is pretty much guaranteed to have no power. Sometimes its just for  few hours, but with severe summer storms, the power outages can last a lot longer. When you’re a mom, you have to be prepared for everything, and  I’ve gotten really good at being prepared for these storms. With a little help from Duracell batteries,  I’ve found ways to turn a scary storm into a fun camping adventure.

How to turn a scary storm into a fun camping adventure #PrepWithPower #CollectiveBias

Preparing for a storm for myself and preparing for a storm for my kids is very different. For me, I need to make sure we have lots of light, power for my cellphone, a radio to hear weather updates, and backup batteries for everything. So if I know a storm is coming, I check to make sure I have everything in my Mom’s Storm Safety Kit:

Mom's Storm Safety Kit #PrepWithPower #CollectiveBias

The kids are a different story. Storms can be really scary for little ones. Actually, they can be scary for all of us. So we turn power outages into camping adventures! Because I’m not really the “outdoorsy” type, the closest my kids will make it to camping is in our basement, and they are perfectly happy with their makeshift campsite (for now,at least!) Here is what they need for their camping adventure:

Kid's storm fun kit #PrepWithPower #CollectiveBiasIf the lights go out during a storm, we grab our Storm Kits and head to the basement. During those hot summer months, our basement stays nice and cool and is a perfect place to wait out the storm. With their little camping lanterns in hand, we put up the their tent and roll out their sleeping bags. Their silly little giggles crack me up, and even though they probably won’t stay in those sleeping bags too long, I can’t imagine two cuter campers.

#PrepWithPower #CollectiveBias

Since we’re all a little uneasy with severe storms, we just skip the scary stories, and we try to make each other laugh with the silliest story

#PrepWithPower #CollectiveBiasInside the tent we play card games by the light of our lanterns. I wonder who is winning this round of “Go Fish”?

#PrepWithPower #CollectiveBias

Now I might not be an expert camper, but I do know you can’t camp without S’mores! No power? No problem! Because I was sure to add a Sterno canister into the kid’s Storm Kit we have some yummy S’mores to devour. Now if I could just get the kids to stop touching each other’s marshmallows…

#PrepWithPower #CollectiveBiasOnce our bellies are full, we play a few rounds of hide-and-go-seek with our lanterns, make shadow puppets on the wall, and use that battery-powered radio for a dance party with our glow sticks and necklaces. If the power comes back on, great! If not, no big deal because we are having too much fun to care if we have power or not! Good thing Mommy stopped at Walmart and stocked up on Duracell batteries because we have a lot more “camping” ahead of us!

#PrepWithPower #CollectiveBias


  1. says

    We went camping a couple of weekends ago and my son is now obsessed with flashlights. We’ll be keeping Duracell in business this summer. 😉

  2. says

    We are lucky here in the UK that we do not often have power outages,Saying that it is still always good to be prepared and looks like you are doing a great job.

  3. Amy Desrosiers says

    I love that you turned a normally scary storm into a camping event!! Looks like your kids had fun too!

  4. says

    How flippin cute! I love the idea of setting up a little camp out in the living room. We have plenty of bad weather here in FL and I will be using this idea for the next hurricane!

  5. says

    You know, I don’t have a storm kit prepared and it really is a good idea. Thanks for showing us what you have in yours. I’ll put one together this weekend.

  6. says

    Oh the fun you can have with flashlights. We used to get a few storms when we lived in Arizona and my kids loved them. And putting up a tent in the family room is the best!

  7. says

    What a great way to keep kids from being frightened when the power goes out. We seem to lose power every time it gets the least bit windy. I really need to put together a storm preparedness kit of my own.

  8. Pam says

    This is such a great idea! I wish I had thought of this when my daughter was younger. She is terrified of storms.

  9. says

    What a fun idea! Especially for those of us that don’t actually get to go camping outdoors {my husband is not a fan}. My children would love this.

  10. says

    What a super idea. I never thought of doing this. We love candles in the dark but with the little kids the flashlights are really a better idea and you can never have enough Duracell!

  11. says

    Aw the joys of childhood! I used to have under the cover parties all the time! I cant wait to have kids so we can do this…some things you just realize as adults that kids have the best worlds to live in. So much fun!

  12. says

    If this is not what parenting is all about, I am not sure what is! Great tips on how to take a not so great situation and turn it into a fun night with the kids!

  13. says

    My kids love “camping” in the living room. :) It is so much fun! :) Great ideas and I love the added lanterns and marshmallows.

  14. says

    How fun!! I think my 3 year old would totally love doing this! She’s obsessed with “camping” so it would totally be a blast for her.

  15. says

    How fun. Such a clever idea. We lost the power last night, but I don’t think any of us knew because we were sleeping (we wok up to blinking appliances).

  16. Pam says

    I love those cool little lanterns. I need to get some of those. We have one big huge camping one but it would be nice to have those small ones too. Duracell batteries are the best.

    This is a timely post, I know the Midwest has been hit hard with storm outages the past few days.

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